Share Your Real California Cannabis Story!

Real California Cannabis: Cannabis Curious

This campaign is inspired by an existing and robust online community of Californians who have embraced cannabis, and can further inform their audience about legally sold cannabis in CA from legal retailers. By participating in informative conversations around personal success stories pertaining to high-quality and legal cannabis use, we aim to inform audiences of the several, positive benefits of purchasing cannabis products solely from legal retailers.

Creators will share their own narrative and tell their audience why Real CA cannabis was a right fit for them based on their own personal needs. For this campaign, we are seeking California residents (ages 21+) who can share their own experiences with cannabis, and advocate for the purchase of cannabis products solely from legal cannabis retailers.

For this brief, we are specifically looking for individuals who identify with being “cannabis curious”. The following identifiers/motivators detail a “cannabis curious individual”:

  • Someone who is curious about ways to enhance their everyday life and experiences
  • Someone who is seeking ways to have new experiences through alternatives to alcohol/prescribed medicines
  • Someone who may be less educated about certain things such as cannabis, but is curious about trying it
  • If you feel like a fit for this campaign, sign up to share your own story about why you buy high-quality cannabis from legal retailers and why other cannabis curious individuals should too!

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